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Sports Vision . . . Is it for you?


What Visual Skills are Essential for the Athlete?


Visual Acuity

Static Acuity – the ability to clearly sight on a stationary target

Dynamic Acuity – the ability to clearly sight on an object while it is in motion

Depth Perception

The ability to accurately judge an object’s position in space

Eye / Body Coordination

The integration of your body’s performance with what your eyes see

Visual Concentration

Maintaining your focus on the athletic challenge without peripheral distraction

Night Vision and Glare Sensitivity

When playing conditions are restricted by poor illumination or glare, the athlete must utilize his eyesight beyond normal levels to succeed.

Peripheral awareness

Athletes must be aware of their surroundings and be tuned into the movement around them

Binocular Vision or Eye Teaming Ability

How well the eyes work together which allows the athlete to accurately align or aim things

Ocular Motility

The tracking ability of the eyes

Accommodation or Focusing Ability

How well the eyes focus on a moving object from near to far or far to near

Visual Reaction Time

The speed at which the eyes react in a game situation


How Can a Sports Vision Specialist Help You?


Sports Vision Training

The utilization of specialized vision therapy equipment designed to enhance the athlete’s performance.

Contact Lens Care / Therapy

The utilization of special gas permeable and soft contact lenses to meet the demanding requirements of the athlete.

First Aid

An instructional program for trainers, coaches, and athletes to learn how to treat Sports-related injuries.

Protective Eyewear

The application of the latest technology in the design of impact resistant goggles, frames and lenses.

Visualization and Positive Imagery

A mental technique to prepare your mind’s eye in advance, so when you’re playing, you’re not thinking, you’re automatically doing.


“If you’re having trouble seeing the ball . . . give us a call”